Open Your Eyes

So folks, as some may know, I'm now a full time photographer.  What does this mean? It basically means that I'm essentially broke and have to beg for jobs!  Seriously though, it's a whole different life than that of cooking in professional kitchens and so far, I have to admit, I really like it.

There is the obvious transitional period that one goes through when going from a job with specific hours to one without; structure and organisation are key to success.  That doesn't mean that you can just work all the time either! It's important to set aside time for fun and make sure that you don't always have that nagging feeling "I should be productive" in the back of the head all the time.

So today, on a lazy sunday afternoon, I decided to walk around my house and look at the nice little lawn/garden thing that I'm fortunate enough to have.  I shot about 15 images of various mosses and grasses and tree trunks and ants and holes-in-things and nature in general.  I didn't have any financial benefit from this, obviously.... no one is paying me to shoot pictures of my lawn.  But it's important to realise that when you choose to do something you love for money that it should NOT ALWAYS be about the money.  Keep the love in it.

So of all the pictures I shot today there was 1 (ONE) good one, and that's what I love.  I saw it and shot it and processed it and I got what I wanted... 

Thanks for reading and enjoy....

La Storia e Lo Sguardo della Donna

I've just put out my newest, and most intense, show yet.  It's all about the history of woman from the beginning centuries ago.  I've represented several famous femminine figure from the past, including Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, and Marilyn Monroe, in what I call the "second look."  We all know each famous woman for the reasons that we learned about in school and from books; here I've tried to represent them from the other side, the private side, the darker side...
A Side Ways Glance.

The Show will be up in The Bottega dei Briganti from 2 May until 2 September, I encourage you to come along and check it out, as the printed images are quite different than these, but at least you can see a preview of the images here. 

(Thanks to all the models and assistants for the project.)

Le Donne hanno fatto la Storia.
Questa mostra propone i due lati della Storia della Donna:
La Donna come abbiamo studiato sui libri di scuola, e l’altro
lato, quello privato, sconosciuto, oscuro...
...Uno Sguardo di Donna.

(Per chi è interessato a comprare le stampe oppure le versioni digitali ad alta resoluzione delle foto mandatemi una mail

A Walk in the Woods

I'm starting to look through the pictures I made in New York State last autumn, there's a lot so it'll be a while, but I wanted to publish at least a preview of some of the amazing scenery and landscapes that are sitting there, just waiting to be photographed.

Being an area where I grew up, the beauty of the region didn't seem to obvious when I was younger.  Now that I visit less and less often, the times I do get to see such amazing wilderness and forests and streams and such are rarer and rarer, thus more powerful.  Especially now, looking at them from an artistic/photographic aspect, they seem truly breathtaking.

So here are some images through the trees, and a final in color of the woods where I walked.

Finally, Some Street Shooting

Well, it's been a long time since I've written a post here, I suppose it could be longer but either way too much time has passed... I've been doing a lot of shooting recently but a lot for work and less for play.

I've had a lot of fun creating images for specific events, contests and clients, really varied stuff but I like to mix it up...

One of the things that I wanted to get back into was street shooting, I love street photography when it's done well and recently have been reading several interesting articles over on Eric Kim's Blog.  Reading these and some books on the subject has really brought my interest back to follow my initial foray into the area.  Some with a bit more polish:

Speak of the Devil

And some a bit more basic:

I've always loved night photography for the various lights and such that have vivid effects on the images, and with my recent purchase of the Canon 6D that excels at low light photography, I'm in the game.

I hope to have some more street stuff up soon, cheers to all and thanks for looking


Over the Clouds

So it's been a while since I've updated my blog, I'll admit, I've been busy with other things that unfortunately are not Photo Related.  The good news is that I'm currently much less busy and can dedicate more time to my photography and this blog as well.

I've recently completed a quick trip to The America United States Place Across the Pond and had a lot of inspiration from my suddenly abundant free time.  So as the first set in a series of posts, I'm showing just a few images of my plane ride... I've got to say, I saw this scene and had to refuse the orders of the captain to shoot a few "illegal electronic device" pictures from my window seat.

They're all processed a bit heavily as I was really looking for a retro/70's feeling.  It just seemed to be in my mind while shooting, so that's how they come out in the end.  A bit like an old jet to vegas or something, I suppose.

So here's a "cheers"to an increase in photographs in the next few months.


PS. They're the alps over switzerland :)


An Evening Out

So it's hot here, like, really hot.  So hot that one takes a shower and sweats so much after drying off that it's time for another shower.

But anyway, I digress... I finished work early and had the extremely strong urge to photograph things this evening.  I had prepared by bringing my 50 mm f/1.4 lens which allows me to get some nice stuff at night, though admittedly with my current camera the lens has a difficult time focussing correctly.

Just wanted to drop off some words and some images to play with; at the end of my bike ride home I think i got some good stuff after all.  So that's good.


Click on 'em for the full images......

The New Kringle Studios

Hello and welcome back to Kringle Studios, V. 2.0. 

What does this mean for all you website visitors?  The people that come here hoping for new images and interesting stories?  Basically I've decided to reformat everything and try to demonstrate more clearly the progression of my travels as a photographer. 

So the new site shows off each subject, by year.  In this way people can really see the progression I've made as a photographer, and I think it makes it much simpler to navigate as well; there's less confusion and more organization.  That's something my right brain likes but the left side fights with. 

I've also decided to add a commercial section.  In the coming months I'll be doing more professional work.  Let's say it's a bit out of my normal theme, but at the same time I'm quite proud of many of the images so I've decided to put them in their own special section, divided by event and/or model. 

In the slow but steady progression of both Christopher Haseltine Photography and the Kringle Studios brand, I think this is a big and important step towards defining both.  Plus it has the added benefit of automatically sorting the professional and the personal projects I'm working on.  I'll be updating the blog more often now with projects and information, so there'll be some duplicate photos in some instances as I'll be cross-referencing with the specific projects as well. 


All in all I'm happy with the new transition and I hope ya'll like it as well... thanks to all. 

First Official Photography Show

Hello to all!  The Big News of the Day is that this coming Wednesday, I'll be presenting my first actually official Photography Show.  OK, it's true, I won't actually be presenting it, but the inauguration is this coming Wednesday.  I'll be at work.  :)

o this is all very exciting! and very new.... and very confusing.  The transition from digital to actual print images is incredibly more challenging that shooting, processing, and popping out some jpeg's.  The question of cropping comes into play, for example.  Any images that have been cropped to closely can't have a future in the print world unless you're looking for the 1960's pop-art filter effect.

But these are all details that I'd like to share in another, future blog post.  Right now I'm going to just revel in my fortune to have the contacts and friends (hmmm... Fabio) that can get me a real show just 2 years into this crazy world of making images.  Here's the digital version of what people at the Mattarello in Rubiera, Italy can see for realz.



Some Street Shooting... Part 1

Hey ya'll, I just got back from a nice day in Bologna, the "stomach" of Italy as they say.  Bologna, like almost every other city in Italy (and maybe Europe), is Closed on Sunday.  The streets were full of people anyway.

I took the train ride over specifically to get some more practice with my street photography; it's a niche that I really enjoy looking at and would like to be able to produce some as well by combining my love of Henri Cartier-Bresson with a couple other great photographers to find my own style.

It is quite difficult to shoot strangers: you never know their reaction or what will happen.  It's also embarrassing to have to say "yes I want an image of you for no reason you can understand." But I tried today, using the classic method of lining up the shot beforehand and waiting for them the move into the frame, with the focus already nailed on their position.  It worked pretty well, except people kept being so nice and stopped their trek until I'd "finished" taking the picture.

Anyway, here are some of the images I've had a chance to look at.  They're mostly edited using my normal method of post-production but in the next couple of segments to this series I'm going to try to get more basic and almost-straight-out-of-the-camera images.

Thanks for lookin'.


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