Over the Clouds

So it's been a while since I've updated my blog, I'll admit, I've been busy with other things that unfortunately are not Photo Related.  The good news is that I'm currently much less busy and can dedicate more time to my photography and this blog as well.

I've recently completed a quick trip to The America United States Place Across the Pond and had a lot of inspiration from my suddenly abundant free time.  So as the first set in a series of posts, I'm showing just a few images of my plane ride... I've got to say, I saw this scene and had to refuse the orders of the captain to shoot a few "illegal electronic device" pictures from my window seat.

They're all processed a bit heavily as I was really looking for a retro/70's feeling.  It just seemed to be in my mind while shooting, so that's how they come out in the end.  A bit like an old jet to vegas or something, I suppose.

So here's a "cheers"to an increase in photographs in the next few months.


PS. They're the alps over switzerland :)

Source: https://kringlestudios.squarespace.com/config#collectionId=5285c046e4b0c77879b4759b