First Official Photography Show

Hello to all!  The Big News of the Day is that this coming Wednesday, I'll be presenting my first actually official Photography Show.  OK, it's true, I won't actually be presenting it, but the inauguration is this coming Wednesday.  I'll be at work.  :)

o this is all very exciting! and very new.... and very confusing.  The transition from digital to actual print images is incredibly more challenging that shooting, processing, and popping out some jpeg's.  The question of cropping comes into play, for example.  Any images that have been cropped to closely can't have a future in the print world unless you're looking for the 1960's pop-art filter effect.

But these are all details that I'd like to share in another, future blog post.  Right now I'm going to just revel in my fortune to have the contacts and friends (hmmm... Fabio) that can get me a real show just 2 years into this crazy world of making images.  Here's the digital version of what people at the Mattarello in Rubiera, Italy can see for realz.