The New Kringle Studios

Hello and welcome back to Kringle Studios, V. 2.0. 

What does this mean for all you website visitors?  The people that come here hoping for new images and interesting stories?  Basically I've decided to reformat everything and try to demonstrate more clearly the progression of my travels as a photographer. 

So the new site shows off each subject, by year.  In this way people can really see the progression I've made as a photographer, and I think it makes it much simpler to navigate as well; there's less confusion and more organization.  That's something my right brain likes but the left side fights with. 

I've also decided to add a commercial section.  In the coming months I'll be doing more professional work.  Let's say it's a bit out of my normal theme, but at the same time I'm quite proud of many of the images so I've decided to put them in their own special section, divided by event and/or model. 

In the slow but steady progression of both Christopher Haseltine Photography and the Kringle Studios brand, I think this is a big and important step towards defining both.  Plus it has the added benefit of automatically sorting the professional and the personal projects I'm working on.  I'll be updating the blog more often now with projects and information, so there'll be some duplicate photos in some instances as I'll be cross-referencing with the specific projects as well. 


All in all I'm happy with the new transition and I hope ya'll like it as well... thanks to all.