La Storia e Lo Sguardo della Donna

I've just put out my newest, and most intense, show yet.  It's all about the history of woman from the beginning centuries ago.  I've represented several famous femminine figure from the past, including Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, and Marilyn Monroe, in what I call the "second look."  We all know each famous woman for the reasons that we learned about in school and from books; here I've tried to represent them from the other side, the private side, the darker side...
A Side Ways Glance.

The Show will be up in The Bottega dei Briganti from 2 May until 2 September, I encourage you to come along and check it out, as the printed images are quite different than these, but at least you can see a preview of the images here. 

(Thanks to all the models and assistants for the project.)

Le Donne hanno fatto la Storia.
Questa mostra propone i due lati della Storia della Donna:
La Donna come abbiamo studiato sui libri di scuola, e l’altro
lato, quello privato, sconosciuto, oscuro...
...Uno Sguardo di Donna.

(Per chi è interessato a comprare le stampe oppure le versioni digitali ad alta resoluzione delle foto mandatemi una mail